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CubaDupa – Wellington 2019
venue image
Opera House Wellington

We were so lucky to be here in Wellington for Cuba Dupa street party!!! The highlight was watching the Phoenix Foundation play at Wellingtons Opera House last night free of charge. Also worth a mention are the three piece dreamy-pop band Womb who played some lovely tunes.

Suite Gallery

Waiting for EKIM (Mike backwards) burgers, stopped in at Suite Gallery and saw a sweet painted series by Geoffrey Notman.  http://suite.co.nz/geoffrey-notman-still-life. ‘Untitiled 1’, my pick of the bunch, the most abstracted of the lot, the knife, bait, chilly bin, buckets, cloth and bottle have been stripped of detail and simplified. Growing up fishing off of the wharf I identified with the subject matter which was repeated from painting to painting, the artist, employing the same scale, colours but varying arrangements of objects. Worth a look if in Wellington.

CupaDupaMoments #1

I see a girl
And she sells sea shells
Of gold
On her breasts as she paints
the faces of those that queue
Another woman, dressed in hues of blue, boots to hair
paints’ too,
they create faces, masks,
alter Egos; they create a way to be
Clever women are they,
Dressed in blue
and masking away

Poem by Lynsey Newton

We were lucky to be picked up from the airport and spend the day/eve with the lovely Lynsey Newton. Above is a poem of hers titled ‘CupaDupaMoments #1’ and written on the spot whilst contemplating having her face painted at Wellington’s CubaDupa fest.

New World Wellington

This morning I was strangely blown away by New World Wellington’s produce/shelf stacking. Haha!!!!!