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Eiffel Tower


Fresh off the train, into Gentilly.


Arriving at our accomodation in Paris relieved after 45mins of wandering the streets of Gentilly. Navigating old school style with no mobile data.


Our lovely accomodation

We arrived in Paris by train on Saturday morning. After we dropped our bags off at our accomodation in Gentilly, a small suburb south of Paris central, we took a train back to the centre to check it out and familiarise ourselves with the museum locations and train system.


Seine River




Wandering down the Promenade in the sunshine

When Mitch and I walked up from the subway and onto the streets of Paris, we were both gobsmacked and goggle-eyed, neither of us had expected Paris would be so big. The sheer scale of the place took our breath away. The footpaths were as wide as roads, the buildings were majestic and the importance of it all seemed unreal.

We walked the Promenade, through the Tuileries Garden around the Louvre and the Musée de l’Orangerie. By the end of the day we were pleased to be boarding the subway train and heading south back home to Gentilly, our quiet, normally proportioned suburb. Dinner (packaged salads and baguette from the supermarket) in the garden was heaven sent.

Dinner in the garden, our first night at our accomodation in Paris


The garden



  1. Cheryl says:

    fantastic. Thanks for update &
    Photos. Love one of mitch on step to accom – looks sooo happy. Accom looks quaint & all those books Nicola! Have fun 😘

  2. Donna Hansby says:

    So interesting your description of Paris.
    You are surrounded by immense history arn’t you.
    Love the fact you are both actually there….its wonderful.
    So far the places you have stayed at have been comfortable and inspiring.
    Interesting most people are wearing winter woolies.Althou I image Dunedin folk will be too and having the sunny days.Maybe our autumn similar to your Paris spring.
    Love you both.Love the blog
    Luv muma Donna.xx

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