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Train rides and Grenoble

Pretty Grenoble


Mitch on the train


Me on the train


Speed on train

A good part of this trip has been spent on trains, booking trains, navigating train systems, catching trains within a city or catching trains from city to city/country to country.

All credit goes to Mitch, he is truly amazing and this trip wouldn’t be the same without his incredible knack for researching. Although we booked the trip together Mitch saw to the most important, practical details like booking trains, researching whether it was feasible to get to our airbnb accomodation from the stations etc. So far he has accounted for everything, down to the smallest of details. Furthermore Mitches communication skills are incredible, his wonderful kind and perceptive personality has helped us negotiate and enjoy each and every one of our fantastic Airbnb hosts  homes.

Traveling by train is such a great way to travel. Time on the trains just disappears, I think its because the seats are so comfy, the views so novel and the ride so smooth and relaxing. It is also cheaper and better on the environment than traveling by car.




After spending four full days in Paris, Mitch and I were both looking forward to heading to Grenoble.  Grenoble, a city in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France, sits at the foot of mountains between the Drac and Isère rivers. Mitch really wanted to go here to ogle some mountains, here he is doing just that below:


Mitch loves mountains
The Bastille fort
I love a good hill, such a welcome change from walking the flat streets of Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

The Bastille is the name of a fortress culminating at 476 m above sea level, located at the south end of the Chartreuse mountain range and overlooking the city of Grenoble, France.

We were both so happy to get off the streets and amongst nature.


Turret off of the fort which has been creatively livened up.

Unfortunately on both of the treks we made up the hill, it was quite hazy and we needed a clear day to see the highest most majestic mountain peaks.


Our accomodation in Grenoble

Above is the front door to our accomodation, a lovely self contained apartment located on the third floor, opening out onto a street in the historic part of Grenoble. Chez is French for ‘at’ and JuJu means magic charm.  ‘At Magic’, was the perfect way to describe our stay here which we really wish we could have extended.

Our cute apartment

Although we are on the other side of the world where the architecture is different and people speak other languages, no where we have been is really that dissimilar from home in New Zealand.  Mitch and I are comforted by, and even laugh about, how similar people are no matter where you go. We have been moved by the endearing kindness people have shown us, and have generally found that when you present in need, people will go out of their way to help you.

Mum, Dad, Zane, April, Archie and Asha, these pics below are especially for you. Spot the name of the bar!


Bar Le Coromandel

Aside from the mountains the other reason for choosing to stay in Grenoble was for the art. Musée de Grenoble is known for its collections of ancient art as well as its collections of modern and contemporary art. The works at Musée de Grenoble were so good and so vast that I paid to visit the museum two days in a row. I was so inspired by my visits and am working on an Art Grenoble post.

Next stop is Venice to visit the the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of modern art and the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, which contains a fresco by Giotto.


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