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We are heading south of Carrara, on a series of trains bound for Perugia in Umbria.

Waiting on our first train to Piza.

Mitch found and booked the accomodation for three nights in Perugia on booking.com. It was an absolute treat to be picked up from the train station on arrival, and dropped at the door of the accommodation by the women who managed our booking.

Accomodation in Perugia
Enjoying an espresso on the balcony, very happy to be surrounded by trees.
Room with a view
View from the kitchen/lounge window
natures confetti

Fascinating peek into the past

The old town of Perugia is a mix of Etruscan, Roman and papal architecture and as such has lots of hidden treasures to find and explore. We stumbled across the 3000 year old Etruscan well, which we payed 6 Euro each to visit. I felt very vulnerable standing on the foot bridge above the water looking up at the travertine truss beams and the opening of the top of the well. Click on the link below for further info


Top of the well.

The old town

Perugia’s Old Town sits on top of a hill. We could see it from the window of our accomodation. Once you are up in the old town you can enjoy the beautiful view of the valley below.


The Mini Metro Perugia

This is what we need in Dunedin! It would be a really practical way for people to get around, especially up and down the hills which seems to put a lot of people off biking and walking. Let’ s build a mini metro system to ease congestion in the inner city and solve Dunedin’s parking problems.

“The Mini Metro in Perugia, is a family of cable propelled automated people mover systems. “A 3,027 m stretch with seven stations opened in February 2008 to relieve the inner city of car traffic. It consists of more than 25 vehicles of 5 m each, with a capacity of 25 passengers and a speed of up to 25 km per hour. The interval between successive vehicles is around 1.5 minutes. In 2013 the system carried 10,000 passengers per day. Plans exist for a second line.”


Final Stop rOME!

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